Sunday, March 30, 2008

Funny Papers floor art, phase I

I went in last night and did a handful of stencils on the floor of Funny Papers, check 'em out!

The front of the store

My canvas

Funny Papers, represent

Bucky and Captain America

Iron Man and Ms. Marvel


The finished (for now) product


Anonymous said...

hey! I remember that place :]. Near campus, at the Dobie mall.

I was wondering if you would be super nice and e-mail me gifs/jpegs/pdfs/whatever of the stencils you used? I would appreciate it SO SO SO much! I'm trying to be crafty and make gifts my friends.

Thank you in advance.


e-mail: precious_sweetie [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anonymous said...

oops. I'm retarded and can't even type my own email address properly. here's the CORRECT email address: